Delivering immediate detection of food quality, adulteration, mislabeling, as well as traceability for commercial and institutional food supply chain markets.

A revolution in Food Safety

QATSpect systems offer immediate, reliable food quality analysis to verify food authenticity, freshness, and other quality characteristics

Digitization of the Food Supply Chain

QATSpect devices capture unique data-sets that determine species & product authenticity and freshness. This data can be shared via blockchains and improve purchase decisions and dynamic pricing models.

AI Innovation & Proprietary Device Hardware

Global leader and innovator in Fusion-AI Machine Learning Algorithms and device hardware development for food quality and safety.

Bringing Better Data to the Supply Chain

Reliable food quality analysis to verify food authenticity, freshness, and other quality characteristics

What we do

Our business is addressing a huge unmet need and thus a very large market opportunity, with game-changing technology that provides identifiable solutions to specific pain points –

reducing our customers’ costs and risks while increasing their profit and their end-customer satisfaction.


Growing world population, increased threats to food safety from fraud and bioterrorism, regulatory obligations, globalization of the food chain, customer demand for accountability and transparency.


Food Safety

1 in 6 people in the U.S. annually will become sick from a foodborne illness at an estimated annual economic cost of $77 billion.


Food fraud

Intentional fraud costs the global food industry upwards of $40 billion a year.


Food Waste

30% of food wasted annually, equivalent to $1 trillion in retail sales.

Food Testing Solution

Device + Software Solution Driven By QATSpect Fusion AI Algorithms
QatSpect devices (sensors) and software provide real-time, reliable assessment of food authenticity, quality and freshness at a fraction of the cost of legacy technologies.


Testing is performed on-site in real-time prior to shipments.


A fixed cost, scalable, and extensible solution which grows with the global business & regulatory needs.


Enables the testing of larger quantities throughout the entire process, in an efficient manner increasing productivity & decreasing costs.

Large & Growing Market Opportunity

The food and agriculture sector is about $5 trillion or 10% of global gross domestic product (GDP).

Large and growing market – but a small part of the $5 trillion Agriculture & Food Sector. Hardware and Software product solutions.

Major Unmet Need

i. Food Safety Example – 90% of seafood imported but the FDA only examines about 2% for safety.
ii. Food Fraud Example - Less than 1% of imported seafood is inspected for fraud and 33% tested by Oceana was mislabelled
iii. New tools for digital supply chain management to track & test food products are needed.
iv. Existing tools for tracking and traceability of seafood lack objective, verifiable, data on quality, provenance, and freshness.
v. Dynamic pricing is only realistic and feasible at final retail sale vs. all points along the supply chain
vi. Other food segments (meat, olive oil, honey, etc.) need similar solutions

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