QatSpect has developed food Quality, Adulteration & Traceability (QAT) systems to address current market needs and shortfalls in existing legacy technologies.

QatSpect Systems

An operating unit of SafetySpect, has developed a multimode spectroscopic approach to molecular detection systems for determining food safety, quality, and freshness.

Our multimode spectroscopic technology

delivers an order of magnitude greater accuracy and specificity than competing machine vision and single-mode optical methods. It also
provides sampling advantages over laboratory measurements, which are sparse, random, and very slow compared to the real-time full sampling of the QATSpect systems.

Portable real-time food testing

that goes beyond human vision capability is possible using advanced light sources, detectors, and optics that are now smaller, cheaper, and more efficient.

Hardware – Software Solution Driven by Fusion AI Algorithms

Our technology synergistically combines hardware that captures spectral measurements that are capable of compositional and molecular analysis of a food sample in a single compact system, with powerful Fusion AI algorithms that create unique digital signatures.

Integration with a mobile device and app

will couple QAT output to a blockchain-enabled, cloud-based, supply chain management platform for tracking product quality, freshness, and species-ID from harvest to market.

Integration with Blockchains and Dynamic Pricing

QATSpect digital signatures can also be transmitted as trust certificates via 3rd party blockchains and platforms, and the data can be integrated into proprietary or 3rd party dynamic pricing systems.

Commercial Impacts of The QATSpect Technology

Our QAT technology will have three major impacts on the food industry:


Reduce waste

by tracking product freshness;

enabling better data-driven freshness-based dynamic pricing tools.


Increased visibility and trusted information

better data at multiple points along the supply chain.


Increased value of food and seafood

by providing assurance of quality, species, and freshness.

Product Development & Commercialization Roadmap

QATSPect is developing both a tabletop device and a wireless, IoT, and Cloud-connected, portable handheld device.