Impact & Sustainability

QATSpect’s Impact & Sustainability vision is a core component of our business strategy. It is one of three business pillars alongside our technology development and commercialization and business strategies.

Our Impact and Sustainability vision is focused on five broad areas

Make healthier food available in developed and developing markets

• Better for you

• Access to all

Reduce the environmental footprint of Food & Agriculture

• Better for the environment

• Get more with less

Leverage intersection of Hardware, Software, Digitization of the Supply Chain and Commercial drivers to create positive impact and promote sustainability goals

Ambition to disrupt

Promote powerful and profound change

Develop strategies to bring benefits of our technologies and digitization to developing economies, vulnerable populations, and smallholders

Think ahead and integrate goals into R&D, product design, and commercialization efforts.

Develop concrete strategies, programs & projects, collaboration efforts

Build out Sub-Saharan Africa technology access objectives

Expand African collaboration activities.

Conservation and Public Health

Combat food fraud and illegal harvesting & poaching

Support for at-risk / overexploited fisheries

Conservation of endangered species.

Our technology and commercialization strategies can have a profound impact on all of our identified impact goals.

We have concrete strategies and projects in process to advance our vision.